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Peter Rijs, Certified Practising Valuer, Licensed Estate Agent, B.Bus (Property), OIEC

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The Melbourne housing market has long been identified as having a sound investment potential in the medium to long term, and with the continuing projected growth of the city, now is probably as good a as ever to time to make your move.

Acquiring and managing a property for investment purposes can, however, be stressful and time consuming and detrimental to maintaining a normal lifestyle. From the outset – finding and purchasing a suitable property, marketing, securing the right tenants, to day-to-day management including rent collections, maintenance and dealing with issues as they arise, a considerable amount of effort and attention is required.

However, SP3 provide a full range of real estate services that can relieve you of the worries and difficulties of being a landlord. Our team of passionate experts can assist and guide you with every step of the process, ensuring that your investment potential is maximised with a minimum effort from you, meaning that you can carry on focusing on other aspects of your lifestyle.

SP3 stand apart from the crowd of other property managers based on the level of service that we provide. We take time to fully understand your needs and expectations and with a focus and attention to detail that will not be matched, can make your step into the investment market a successful one.

With a superior service, SP3 are your number one choice for property management in Kensington, Maribyrnong, Carlton, Carlton North, Richmond, Collingwood, Moonee Ponds, Brunswick, Brunswick East and North Melbourne.

When individuals decide to take a step into the potentially lucrative world of property investment, they often encounter a level of logistical planning, and demands upon their valuable time that they did not expect – and when you are trying to run your investment alongside other work and family commitments, the pressure can really begin to tell.

This is why so many landlords and investors turn to the services of property management services, and in Melbourne we are blessed to have SP3 Real Estate Consultants offering an outstanding quality of management along-side their full range of real estate services.

Fronted by Peter Rijs, who as well as being fully certified and accredited, has an exceptional knowledge of the Melbourne property market which makes him perfectly placed to assist you in your investment journey. From the very outset, identifying and acquiring an appropriate property – at the right price, through to marketing and advertising, to the day-to-day management of your property once tenants are in, Peter will be 100% dedicated to your cause, ensuring that you have the potential to maximise your returns.

SP3 stand out from the crowd of others offering similar services due to their integrity, excellent communications with clients and results that they achieve. For a hassle-free property management service across the suburbs of North Melbourne, including Kensington, Richmond, Carlton, Carlton North, Brunswick East, Collingwood, Moonee Ponds, Brunswick, Maribyrnong and beyond, look no further than SP3 – a trusted and reliable service that will never let you down.

SP3 Real Estate Consultants, based in Melbourne and led by the highly qualified Peter Rijs offer a comprehensive range of services designed to assist you in purchasing, selling or managing a property within the metropolitan area of the city. However, in the face of much competition from other services, SP3 stand out from the crowd as truly independent with no ties to other agencies or professionals, thereby being able to maintain their exceptional standards of integrity and honesty, qualities that are essential within the business.

With exceptional local knowledge of the intricacies of the Melbourne housing market gleaned from years of hands-on experience, you can be assured that any property valuation undertaken by SP3 will take into account all factors, long and short term and will be an accurate and realistic appraisal, rather than massaged figures intended to attract you to other 3rd party services.

However, in conjunction with valuation services for purchases and sales, SP3 also offer an all-embracing property management service for Moonee Park, Kensington, Collingwood, Carlton and other suburbs of North Melbourne. The service will be specifically tailored to your needs, ensuring your complete satisfaction and optimum outcome, but can incorporate all aspects of property management from finding and placing tenants, collecting rents, property maintenance and of course all contracts and legal paperwork.

For all of your real estate requirements, from property valuers in Carlton North, new properties and old, to outstanding property management across the city, you can approach SP3 with confidence that you will receive an incomparable quality of service.

The world of real estate is one that most of us, inevitably, will have to engage with whether simply looking for suitable accommodation to live in or perhaps as an opportunity for investment. Either way, you as an individual will be making choices and decisions that could ultimately make or cost you significant sums – but are you well enough informed on the vagaries of the housing market to make those decisions and to navigate your way through the complexities of acquiring or managing a property?

If you have any doubts, or lack the time or resources to stride out on your own, taking advantage of the services of a renowned real estate agent is the simple solution. SP3, led by Peter Rijs, offer a full range of real estate services across Melbourne, but what makes SP3 stand out from the crowded market place of agents, is the level of personal service and attention that you will receive. You will be dealing with Peter directly, and you can be assured of the highest levels of professionalism at all times, whether you require property management in Richmond or property valuers in Carlton, you will be left in no doubt that your custom is valued and appreciated throughout.

Matching these high levels of integrity with an in-depth knowledge of the Melbourne housing market puts SP3 at the head of the list when you are looking for real estate help in the city. Why take a chance with anyone else?

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