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There are many reasons why you may need the services of an experienced and knowledgeable property valuer, but the most common request is made for pre-purchase or pre-sale. Obviously, investing in a new property or trying to maximise your return when selling a property is a big step and it is essential that you have the correct advice before making any decisions or transactions.

SP3 Real Estate Consultants and Valuers, ideally located within the Melbourne CBD, offer a range of services including an unbiased and impartial property valuation. With a business ethos that embraces a culture of a high-level personal service, the business proprietor, Peter Rijs will assure you of a level of attention that you are unlikely to find elsewhere. Understanding your needs and an assessment of your financial position in terms of the limits on your spending and borrowing power will be a cornerstone of the process.

In a market place where real estate agents abound, you need to know that your chosen representative will have your best interests as their only priority, and that they do not have an agenda of steering you towards business associates who may seek to profit from your transactions. 

SP3 offer a completely independent and professional appraisal of the value of your selected property that will help you achieve the best outcome whilst dealing in the property market. And with an in-depth knowledge of the housing market in Melbourne and an experience led understanding of market trends, and factors that can influence sudden changes in the market, SP3 will help you get the best possible deal. When you are seeking the services of an outstanding property valuers before buying or selling a property in Keilor, Taylors Lakes, Strathmore, Yarraville, Williamstown, Carlton, Carlton North, Essendon, Moonee Ponds, Aberfeldie look no further than SP3.

However, other than buying or selling a property there are other circumstances when a detailed and accurate valuation of a property may be required. Litigations, especially in Family Law Courts, matters of probate, Capital Gains Tax and insurance require accurate valuations and SP3 can provide the level of assessment that is required in each of these circumstances.

And alongside property valuations, SP3 provides a comprehensive Buyers Service which can assist you in every step of the process. From finding suitable properties that meet you budget and requirements, conducting inspections and reports, assisting in selecting a conveyancer, negotiating prices on your behalf and even easing the process of moving into your new property by dealing with key issues and utility companies, SP3 can turn the process of buying your new property from a stress filled event to one that will become a worry free pleasure.

Furthermore, SP3 are happy to offer a property management service across metropolitan Melbourne in suburbs including Kensington, Maribyrnong, Carlton North, Brunswick, North Melbourne, Moonee Ponds, Collingwood, Richmond, Carlton, Brunswick East and beyond.

When you want a truly personal service that won’t be matched elsewhere, where integrity and honesty are truly valued, turn to SP3 for your real estate needs.

SP3 is a Melbourne based real estate consultancy that provides a full range of services which includes an independent property valuation service. There are many circumstances under which you may require a property valuation – for family court, capital gains tax, litigation – but most probably it will be as a prelude to buying or selling a property.

In every case, you will want assurances that you receive an unbiased and informed valuation, and at SP3 that is our promise to you. A deep understanding and knowledge of current market trends is key to assessing the accurate value of a property and at SP3 we have unparalleled expertise of the housing market in Melbourne, and we couple this with a level of service that prioritises our clients needs and wishes.

Furthermore, once we have completed our analysis and have assessed your property valuation, we will present a report for you that will be wholly appropriate for its intended use – not all reports are the same, a report for a family court will differ from that for pre-purchase for example. But if you are a prospective buyer or vendor our report will include accurate and up to date information on current trends within the market, to enable you to optimise your outcome.

SP3 are expert property valuers serving Melbourne districts including Aberfeldie, Strathmore, Taylors Lakes, Moonee Ponds, Essendon, Carlton, Carlton North, Yarraville, Williamston, Keilor and many others. Wherever you are in Melbourne and need a property valuation we will be delighted to be able to assist you.

When it comes to obtaining a property valuation, it’s crucial to get an accurate assessment from an independent property valuation service that has no ties or connections to interested third parties. Most property valuations are requested for the purposes of buying or selling a property but there are many other circumstances and situations that require a valuation – for capital gains tax or insurance purposes, family law or other litigation being the most commonplace.

SP3 provide an independent property valuation service in the areas of Keilor, Taylors Lakes, Strathmore, Yarraville, Carlton, Williamstown, Essendon, Carlton North, Moonee Ponds, Aberfeldie and other Melbourne suburbs. Our outstanding service is based upon our ability to apply our knowledge of the local areas and local influences when analysing the housing market, resulting in a valuation that will truly reflect the worth of your property. And because we act independently you can be sure that our assessment of your property will not be influenced by other parties who may seek to capitalise upon your circumstances.

All of our valuations are carried out by a Certified Practicing Valuer and the completed report will be presented to you in a manner tailored to your specific needs, with attention to detail that is second to none in the industry.

If you are looking for property valuers in Moonee Ponds, Aberfeldie, Keilor, Strathmore, Taylors Lakes, Carlton, Essendon, Carlton North, Yarraville, Williamstown or surrounding areas contact us at SP3 and we will deliver an honest, unbiased and accurate valuation of your property.

Whatever your reason for needing a valuation of your property, it is essential to have the confidence that your chosen valuer will have only your interests on their agenda. Many property valuers have direct or indirect links to other services and may try to encourage or entice you to avail yourselves of their services or products.

At SP3, we guarantee a completely independent and unbiased property valuation in Keilor, Taylor’s Lakes, Strathmore, Yarraville, Williamstown, Carlton, Carlton North, Essendon, Moonee Ponds, Aberfeldie and other Melbourne suburbs, after all that’s the service you are paying for. You will receive a valuation report based on an intimate knowledge and analysis of the housing market plus an inspection of your property – and the report can be tailored to your needs and circumstances. Whether you are considering buying or selling a property or need an accurate assessment of the property you own’s worth for tax, insurance or legal needs, at SP3 we will produce the appropriate valuation report.

With years of experience studying, and working within the Melbourne housing market, SP3 can bring to you their unrivalled expertise and professionalism at the time when you need accurate valuation of your property. Market trends can change quickly but with ongoing research and analysis SP3 can confidently keep pace with changes, ensuring the integrity of their valuations.

When you require property valuers that you can trust in Taylor’s Lakes, Moonee Ponds, Keilor, Yarraville, Essendon, Strathmore, Carlton, Carlton North, Williamstown or Aberfeldie make SP3 your first port of call.

When you require a valuation of a property, whether it be related to the purchase or sale of the property, tax, litigation purposes or for insurance reasons, it is crucial that you receive an accurate assessment of your property – anything other than a precise evaluation can hit you where it hurts most – in the pocket. And for any real estate agent to give a considered appraisal regarding the worth of a property, it is essential that they have a long standing, intimate and up to date knowledge of the housing market in your area.

SP3 Real Estate Consultants, led by Peter Rijs, (a Registered Certified Practicing Valuer – CPV) have a wealth of experience in the Melbourne property market, and combined with in depth analyses and an extraordinary eye for detail identifies them as the leading property valuers in Taylor’s Lakes, Carlton, Carlton North, Keilor, Strathmore, Williamstown, Yarraville, Essendon, Moonee Ponds, Aberfeldie and other Melbourne suburbs, with delighted clients from all over the city.

Knowing that your chosen real estate agent is going to act with integrity whilst striving for your optimal outcomes will relieve you from much of the stress that you are likely to encounter, and the peace of mind that dealing with SP3 will bring to you is priceless.

For a trusted, professional and timely property valuation in Yarraville, Williamstown, Carlton North, Essendon, Taylor’s Lakes, Moonee Ponds, Carlton, Aberfeldie, Keilor, Strathmore or elsewhere within Melbourne, look no further than SP3 – a valuation service in which you can have complete confidence.

It’s not just when you are considering buying or selling a property that you will value the input of an experienced, independent and committed property valuation service, you may also require such a service for tax or litigation purposes, for a family settlement or even for building insurance requirements, but in each instance, you would expect an accurate, highly informed assessment.

At SP3, Peter Rijs a Certified Practicing Valuer, has a profound and intimate knowledge of the Melbourne property market and all the nuances and intricacies associated with the constantly changing face of the market. Along with his unparalleled expertise is an unfaltering commitment to customer service, with a vow to treat every single customer as he would expect to be treated. Listening to and acting upon your specific needs, with communication channels that will never leave you in the dark, SP3 are Melbourne’s premier property valuers, serving Keilor, Carlton, Essendon, Moonee Ponds, Taylor’s Lakes, Strathmore and Yarraville, as well as Aberfeldie, Williamstown, Carlton North and beyond.

In a highly competitive market place where reputation is the key to ongoing success, the longevity of SP3 is testament to the levels of honesty and integrity with which they operate. When you don’t want to take a chance with an unknown real estate agency or 3rd party to undertake your property valuation in Carlton, Carlton North, Moonee Ponds, Williamstown, Aberfeldie, Keilor, Taylor’s Lakes, Yarraville, Essendon, Strathmore or other Melbourne suburbs you can call upon SP3 for a service that will give you complete peace of mind.