Buyer Services

For a successful and stress free property transaction.

We will listen to you, find your dream property/investment, negotiate and acquire that property for you!

This will be done using our 10 steps to success.

1. The Interview

We will conduct a one on one interview with you to get to know your requirements.

  • How often do buyers walk into an agency and the sellers are only interested in selling them what they have to sell?
  • Does the agent take them into a quiet private area and ask them questions to try to service their needs?
  • Does the agent listen?
  • Will the agent conduct regular follow up calls?

We will do all of these.

2. Broker/Financial Situation Established

Do you have your finances in order?

  • Is your current loan the best loan for you now?
  • Do you know how much you can borrow?
  • Do you know when your deposit will be available?
  • When can you have the balance by?

We will help you answer these questions.

3. Conveyancer

  • Do you have a conveyancer?

We will help you find one.

4. Source Property

We will source the property according to your requirements and will short list 5 properties to a hit list.

The properties will be sourced from:

  • Internet
  • Newspapers
  • Agent Network
  • E-MAIL

5. Property Inspections Conducted

Three properties will be inspected privately. Physical and location characteristics/attributes will be considered and measured. We will inspect properties more than once to get to know buyers and your competition.

6. Properties Grouped Into High, Medium and Low Price Ranges According to Requirements

Comparable sales will be researched and analysed. An assessment of market range will be provided on three properties. They will be grouped in your upper, lower and middle price that you have indicated for your budget.

7. Building Inspection Arranged On Selected Property

We can arrange a building inspection to be carried out on the property selected for your acquisition.

8. Negotiation

We will be involved:

  • Private Negotiation
  • Pre-Auction Negotiation
  • Auction Attendance On The Side
  • Auction Bidding
  • Post Auction Negotiation

9.  Acquire

We help with:

  • Finalising Offers
  • Conveyancing
  • Final Inspections Before Settlement

10. The Move

We will help with:

  • Key Arrangement
  • Removalists
  • Utility Connections
  • Locating Public Facilities