Property Sales

SP3 Real Estate Consultants don’t just do Sales. The sales person adopts a consultation approach. They will inspect your property, listen to you as you discuss your hopes, aims and goals and; with consideration, knowledge and expertise devise a program to meet your targets. They will also help you in the purchase of your next home no matter what stage in the process you are upto.

From meeting you to:

  • Assessing the right value of your property
  • Preparing your property for sale
  • Advertising and Marketing your property
  • Identifying the right buyer for your property
  • Managing the sales process

SP3 Real Estate Consultant Sale People will have you and your sale covered.

The roles of an SP3 Real Estate Consultant Sales Person are varied and upheld in the most professional and personal manner, no matter what the property or who the client. 

SP3 Real Estate Consultants pride themselves in:

  • Personal and tailored service to buyers and sellers
  • Ensuring the buyer will be attracted to and purchase your property
  • Fostering long term buying and selling relationships

SP3 Real Estate Consultants business is predominantly generated by repeat business, from new relationships forged in transactions and more importantly by referrals and word of mouth. 

The consensus is all agents are the same. All services are the same. Try something different. Call an SP3 Real Estate Sales Person today and experience the difference. 

To engage an SP3 Real Estate Consultant Sales Person fill out our form or Phone direct on (03) 9078 6909 or Mobile 0439 822 833.