Property Management

SP3 Real Estate Consultants don’t just do property management. The property manager adopts a consultation approach. They will inspect your property, listen to you as you discuss your hopes, aims and goals and; with consideration, knowledge and expertise devise a program to meet your targets.

From meeting you to:

  • Assessing the right rent
  • Preparing your property for rent
  • Advertising and Marketing your property
  • Picking the right Renter for your property
  • Managing the property

SP3 Real Estate Consultant Property Managers will have you and your investment covered.

The roles of an SP3 Real Estate Consultant Property Manager are varied and upheld in the most professional and personal manner, no matter what the property or who the client. 

SP3 Real Estate Consultants pride themselves in:

  • Personal and tailored service to Rental Providers and Renters
  • Ensuring tenancies are suited to the accommodation on offer
  • Fostering long term tenancies and relationships

Some of their tenants have even become their landlords

The consensus is all agents are the same. All services are the same. Try something different. Call an SP3 Real Estate Consultant Property Manager today and experience the difference. 

To engage an SP3 Real Estate Consultant Property Manager fill out our form or Phone direct on (03) 9078 6909 or Mobile 0439 822 833.

The concept of investing in property to rent is far from new and indeed with more and more investors taking this route, it is a crowded marketplace where success is not necessarily guaranteed.

Maximising your investment potential is dependant on many factors and a failure to address just one of them can lead to stress and financial losses. Of course, one way to avoid all the pitfalls is to utilise the services of a property management team who will apply all of their experience, knowledge and know how to ensure that you get the very best returns on your investment.

SP3 offer a complete property management service for the neighbourhoods of Maribyrnong, Carlton North, Brunswick, Moon Ponds and beyond, that stands apart from similar services due to the exemplary levels of service that they provide. In liaison with you, your property will be assessed and prepared for an effective and efficient marketing strategy, that will not only find you a tenant, but find you the right tenant for your particular property. And with a tenant in place, SP3 will take care of all day-to-day management duties, leaving you with peace of mind and time for other pursuits.

A fundamental part of the SP3 philosophy is to nurture meaningful relationships with their clients to ensure that they fully recognise and understand their needs and requirements, building rapport that engenders great trust. You need look no further than SP3 for property management in Brunswick East, North Melbourne, Collingwood, Richmond, Carlton and surrounding areas.

Investing in a property to generate an income stream can be lucrative, but like any other venture can be full of pitfalls, and unexpected difficulties can be encountered, severely reducing your potential income whilst also bringing you unnecessary stress. 

This is why property management services are so popular, but utilising inferior quality services can be counter-productive, with hidden charges and a focus on making the management company more rather than placing the client’s needs above all else.

At SP3, we take a collaborative approach to managing your property, understanding your goals and your needs before developing a strategy that will maximise your return on investment, whilst also giving you peace of mind and the freedom to concentrate on other areas of your life.

From the outset of your venture, assessing your property and the rent that you can demand, through all aspects of advertising and marketing, to installing a tenant with ongoing management through the occupancy, you will have our utmost attention.

In the competitive world of property management our high-quality customer and client service stands us apart from the crowd and our dedication to you will not falter. We pride ourselves on delivering a personalised and tailored service that facilitates long standing, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients that are based upon our integrity and honesty.

For an unparalleled property management service in Maribyrnong, Carlton North, Brunswick, Moonee Ponds, Collingwood, Richmond, Carlton, Brunswick East, North Melbourne and other surrounding areas call SP3 – we promise that you won’t be disappointed!

Being a landlord can be lucrative, but whether you are highly experienced or a novice who wants to take the first steps in renting out a property, it can be a challenging position to be in, fraught with obstacles and problems along the way.

The simple solution to such an unwelcome position is to utilize the services of a property management company who will relieve you from the stresses of being a landlord, leaving you with time to concentrate on other aspects of your life. Naturally, you will want a property management company with a proven track record, such as SP3, in whom you can put your complete confidence.

At SP3 we offer a high-quality property management service in the Melbourne suburbs of Maribyrnong, Carlton, Carlton North, Brunswick, North Melbourne, Moonee Ponds, Collingwood, Brunswick East, Richmond and beyond. Our service stands apart from other management services based on the attention to detail and the time we take to understand, you, our client’s needs and aspirations.

From the very outset of our relationship with you we will demonstrate our unfailing commitment to achieve the best possible results for you. From assessing your property to establish an appropriate rent, top level marketing on multiple platforms – ensuring your property will always be viewed at its very best, finding the most suitable of tenants, to taking care of all contracts, maintenance and rent collection, we can help you enjoy being a landlord.

Call us today to find out more about our unique approach to property management.